Services Brazil
Based on the client’s needs, we offer a wide, integrated array of products and services that may be adapted to the client’s requirements.


S3 CACEIS Brasil DTVM S.A. (“S3 CACEIS Brazil”) has a team of highly qualified professionals prepared to understand the individual characteristics of each client and offer the best products and services adapted for each segment, to offer adequate services and solutions to the needs of the customers.

About us

Ensuring the satisfaction of our customers is our main objective and therefore, we offer:

  • Customized service by professionals with the key experience and technical knowledge, focused to anticipate client needs as well as for identifying both regulatory trends and market best practices.
  • Confidence and readiness in the data exchange with our clients, through permanent investments in technology and customized procedures.
  • Robustness and experience, for over 20 years as a Custodian services provider.
  • PGlobal footprint with a very relevant experience in the local market.
  • ONE STOP SHOP concept, easing access to the relationship and product areas available in the group, as for instance: Treasury, Corporate Banking, Cash Management, Private Banking, Foreign eXchange, Stock Agency and Asset Management.

What makes us different


  • Among top 5 largest custody provider with 20 years of experience in the Brazilian market
  • Full fledge service with a complete range of products

Target Market

  • Servicing all types of Institutional Clients with our complete range of services: global custodians, investment and private banks, broker dealers, asset managers, insurance companies, pension funds and corporates

Commitment to Securities Services business

  • Relevant investment in technology with a brand new platform dedicated to International Investors
  • Integrated automated solution with the highest global standards

Expertise and Influence

  • Active contributor to the industry decisions participating in Industry Forums and Associations: T2 Project (B3), conversation with regulators (local SEC and IRS)

Our Services

SC Brazil offers custody and settlement services of financial assets to local and international clients in Brazil. This service is composed of a complete line of activities related to this function, of which we highlight the following:

    • Protection of financial assets, through the control of the entry of registration books with depositors, deposit agents and settlement systems.
    • Daily reconciliation of asset positions with custodians, deposit agents, clearing houses and settlement systems (B3 – BM&F BOVESPA and CETIP, SELIC, etc.)
    • Administration and information of events associated with assets in custody, assuring our clients, their immediate knowledge.
    • Monitoring, provisioning, reception, payment of corporate events (interest, dividends, bonuses, inplit, split, among others) and relevant documents.
    • Registration of assets in depositories in individual nominative accounts (proprietary account and exclusive funds).


  • Collateral management throughout B3.
  • Registration of derivatives transactions before brokers.
  • Monthly statement with assets positions issued by the depositaries.
  • Webportal with direct access to transactions (SANTANDEROPER).


The specialisation and structure of SC Brazil enable it to offer customised Controllership services:

  • Asset and financial instrument prices allocation using own methodology (Santander Group Price Allocation Manual).
  • Fund net worth daily calculation.
  • NAV daily calculation.
  • Management of events related to fund, audit and CVM tax charges and expenses.
  • Tracking of redeemed and issued units by the corresponding investment funds.
  • Data reporting generation of updated asset holdings, liquidity and NAV on a daily basis.
  • Tax calculation and withholdings.
  • Audit trail on investment funds.
  • Financial Statements – investment fund accounting and data reporting generation to regulatory entities.
  • Participants (unit holders) register and maintenance on the corresponding system.
  • Participants individualized balances as well as historical movement’s control.
  • Events settlement and units amortization, exclusively for investment funds as well as events settlement and units redemption.
  • Events processing, such as but not limited to: assignments, incorporations and closing.

SC Brazil is one of Brazil’s largest investment fund managers, with a specialist structure offering comprehensive customized services, guaranteeing compliance with all needs and processes in connection with the creation and lifespan of the funds, and also compliance with all the obligations demanded by regulators.

SC Brazil conducts an exhaustive due diligence process on portfolio managers to guarantee the quality of the services provided for investment funds, in terms of asset selection, credit analyses etc. The responsibilities of SC Brazil include daily processes to monitor and control credit risks, ensure compliance with investment policies and control the limits established As an administrator of structured funds, SC Brazil is also responsible for contracting third-party services, and provides active assistance at participant meetings where necessary.

SC Brazil offers custody and representation services to international investors who wish to invest in the Brazilian capital market under the terms of Resolution CMN 4373/2015. We offer a consolidated offer, complying with all obligations and generating an added value to existing relationships. We highlight the following services:
  • Integrated solution of services linked to the activity, counting with the structure from Santander Group: Brokerage House, F/X, among other services.
  • Centralized and specialized team to serve foreign clients.
  • System with an open-architecture for the treatment of the most varied types of operations in the local market.
  • Market Information: Newsflashes with relevant market data.